Most people think that parties are for kids only.
Let's change that outdated mindset! 
Ever attended glam 21st parties, cosy 50 year old or family fun big 80 parties? 
We've done them all! 
We're the party specialists. 

[In Singapore, this is what most parents do for their child’s party.]
Rush down to the party shop after work to buy balloons, goodie bags and all sorts of party stuff from a party shop in town. Put everything together by themselves (as busy as a bee). After frantically putting everything together, it looks mediocre and on top of that….. It costs a bomb!
Why take all that effort? Why waste all that time?

First time fears:
How much does it cost? What is the right type of entertainment? How much to cater? What to expect when I send out invites? Is it feasible at all? Can we just go to a restaurant like we always do?

These are typical questions that our in-house experts face 
(these guys specialize in kids parties but they have also done many adult functions – so they know what works for small and medium sized parties). 
To seasoned moms: 
(and some Dad’s… …most men are too “big picture” to care bout such stuff – right Dad!)
Tell us what you’ve experienced last year and we will try to beat it. 
(Of course, don’t pretend to be one if you’re not. Our party organizers can see right through it. We have helped organize at least a thousand parties )

[Perhaps you're hosting your own party, perhaps you're hosting for a family member.]
In any case, you'd definitely like to put everything together perfect and nice, exactly like what you want! We can help you with that! Share with us some thoughts that you for your party and we'll give you professional advice that work! 

Get your answers with us, call 9450 3415 for a zero-obligation, zero-cost consultation!

  1. Entertainment
    What's a party without fun?
  2. Talents
    Qualified professionals!
  3. Rentals
    Some perks for your party!
Helium Balloons
Gift Balloons
Themed Balloons
Balloon Arches
Balloon Columns
Balloon Bouquets
Special Balloon Decorations
Magic Show
Balloon Sculpting
Glitter Tattoo
Interactive Games
Face Painting
Pinata Blast
Kids Colouring
Bouncy Castles
Sound System
Carnival Games Stalls
Carnival Food Stalls​​
Photo Booth
Game Hosts
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