Forget about the old school ways of celebrations! Don't scramble to get everything done by yourself to host a party or blindly head to random shops to choose a gift hoping that it'll work out... Times have changed!

We're a party resource and consultation centre. 
Not just any physical party shop, not an online party shop, not just a party planner...
You'll never find another like us. 

We're the specialists of parties; young and old alike! 
Not only for the entertainment and planning aspect, but also down to the detail such as the decorations and presents
Come, visit us!
You plan parties for your loved ones and give gifts to people that you care about.
It's a people thing!  

The parties we plan, the gifts we sell are personal. It's for the people you care about!
So come down to meet us! It'll be our pleasure to host you at our humble shop. Really, we're happy to give you personal (sometimes hurtful but truthful) advice.

We understand that you may be too busy to make a trip down,
so just give us a call at 9450 3415!